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Tutorial Reunion July 28 - August 3, 2002 in beautiful Georgetown, Guyana!









The Group has evolved from a series of meetings called over the last three (3) months in response to the Reunion planned in Guyana to celebrate the educational achievements of the Castello Brothers. THS Guyana Executive Committee Member, Mr. Malcolm Parris visited the U.S., Washington and Canada in January 2002, and provided a briefing on the plans in Guyana. The formation of a legally incorporated New York Tutorial Alumni Chapter will thus lead to an established NYTHS Alumni Executive Committee thereafter.

To provide financial and material support to our Alma Mater so as to restore and enhance its educational prominence in Guyana.

As a result of recent information that THS does not offer the science subjects, the NY Tutorial Alumni Organizing Group has changed plans for the establishment of a natural science library. Instead, our gift will be a photocopier. And subject to our visiting the school while in Guyana, assessing its physical facilities and the administration's future plans, a determination will be made later regarding how best we can assist our Alma Mater.

To assist in the material support of educational projects as prioritized by the Tutorial Administration in Guyana.

Purpose and Plans
The SPRING AFFAIR is the first event planned by the New York Tutorial Alumni Organizing Group. The funds raised from this event, and other future activities, will purchase needed science books in order to achieve the immediate objective of a science library. A presentation of these books will be made to the Tutorial Administration at the July Reunion in Guyana. A full accounting for all funds raised and expended will be posted on the Tutorial Alumni website: by July 21, 2002. Follow-up communication regarding the planned formation of the formal NYTHS Alumni Chapter will also be posted on the above website.

Your full support in this and future endeavors would be highly appreciated.
--- L. Mathews, P. Grannum, K. Cadogon, B. Sampson, P. Granville, I. London, J. Callender and R. Jones.

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100% Guyanese

Three beauties dress-up in the national flag at the 2001 Boston Carnival.
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The Commemorative Project
A draft of the Castello Brothers Commemorative Fund is now available for review.
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Answers to THS Trivia on Registration form
Q. Who was the older of the Castello brothers?
A. Austin Castello.

Q. What year was Tutorial founded?
A. 1939.

Q. What was the name of the bakery next to THS on Benn Street?
A. Ten Pow.

Q. THS was once located at_______.
A. Maltenoes Cricket Club.

Q. She is a THS alum and a former champion athlete of Guyana.
A. Marilyn Dewarder dominated the women's 100 and 200 meters in the 1970s.

Q. Who attended THS briefly in the 1950s?
A. The late Dr. Walter Rodney attended THS in 1953 for 3 weeks before transfering to Queens College.

If you answered all the questions correctly, you're an official Tutorialite.

You're a Tutorialite if...
- Your school was located on Benn Street, Thomas Lands or Fifth Street.

- Mother Day was your Literature teacher and not your mother.

- At one time or the other, all the top athletes in Guyana were students at your school.

- KY Chow was your favorite restaurant.

- Tookie [The Toucan] and Boops were your principal and vice-principal.

- Browsie was your English teacher.

- Your vice-principal drove a Vauxhall motor car.

- "Mr. Devilish" instead of Mr. Devonish was the preferred way to call the your school's caretaker.

- Breadfruit was your teacher.

- If you were late for school the gates were locked.

- Going to Maltenoes Cricket Club was going to school.

- You couldn't concentrate in class due to the sweet smell of salara coming from the bakery on Benn Street.

- Dr. Knight was your Shakepeare teacher and not your physician.

- Your school had the highest percentage of students with athletic scholarships.

- "Mr. Fine Ants" instead of Mr. Fernandes was the preferred way to call the your French teacher.

- Your classmates showed up to class bruised and in pain from playing rugby.

- And finally, you're definitely a Tutorialite if you can still hear your vice-principal saying, "make yourself teachable...teachable...teachableaaable".

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