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Applewhaite, Osbert M. 1957-1962 Alberttown Ft. Wash., Maryland,
United States
Babb(Ferguson), Norma 1956-1960 Kitty Riverside, California ,
United States Registered Nurse
Bamfield, Ronald 1957-1962 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York,
United States Public Health Advisor
Best, Winston 1952-1955 Kitty Clinton, Maryland,
United States Electrical Engineer
Blackman, Basil Roy 1955 Tucville Stone Mountain, Georgia,
United States Tax Consultant
Bobb-Semple, Donald 1956-1961 Kitty Brooklyn, New York,
United States Accountant
Bonnett, Aubrey Wendell 1953-1957 Cummingsburg Uniondale, New York,
United States University Academic Vice President
Cameron, Robert 1959-1962 Brickdam Colnbrook, Winsor,
United Kingdom Computer / Network Analyst
Cameron, Winston 1957-1961 Georgetown Brights Grove, Ontario,
Canada Project Engineer
Chase, Deryck 1958-1962 Georgetown Bowie, Maryland,
United States Software Engineer
Collis (Boyd), Ann 1958-1962 York, England West Horsley, Surrey, England Office Manager
David, Maurice 1958-1962 Georgetown Brentwood, New York ,
USA Communications Tech.
Davson (Bonnett), Pamela 1951-1956 Georgetown Hempstead, New York,
United States Health Administration
Downer, Patrick 1957-1961 Vreed-en-Hoop London,
United Kingdom Postal Officer
George, Louis E. 1959-1962 Bourda Long Beach, California,
United States Property Management
Gibson, Jeanette 1958-1962 Kitty Atlanta, Georgia,
USA Professor
Griffith, Godfrey 1956-1960 Kitty Columbus, Ohio,
United States Data Base Architect
Haly (Bentinck), Gwendoline 1954-1959 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York ,
USA Registered Nurse
Haly (Grant-Tyndall), Janet 1952-1954 Kitty Linden, New Jersey,
--- Registered Nurse
Harding (Brewster), Bridget 1955-1957 Alberttown Brooklyn, New York,
United States Registered Nurse
Harding, Winston 1959-1962 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York,
United States Manager
Haynes, Raymond 1953-1958 Linden Basseterre,
St. Kitts Educator
Hope, Colleen 1959-1964 Georgetown London, United Kingdom Admin. Supervisor
Irving (Archer), Rita 1950-1959 Georgetown Lanham, Maryland,
United States ---
Jervis (Henry), Joyce 1958-1962 Kitty Brooklyn,
New York,
--- Administration Manager
Johnson, Rannie 1956-1960 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York,
United States Facilities Manager
King (Grovenor), Audrey 1956-1960 Cummingsburg Queens Village, New York,
United States Nurse
Lewis, John 1953-1957 Stewartville Brooklyn, New York,
United States
--- Retired
Martin (George), Joan 1959-1963 Kitty Washington, D.C.,
United States Legal Assistant
Martindale (Harding), Linette 1958-1962 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York,
United States
--- Nurse
Mason, Daniel 1954-1958 Newburg Toronto,Ontario,
Canada By-Law Officer
McCalmon , John 1958 - 1962 No. 4 Village, West Coast Berbice Compton,
United States Compliance
McGowan (Carryl), Audrey 1957-1963 Georgetown Scarborough, Ontario,
Canada Systems Analyst
McLean, Edwin R. 1952-1956 Kitty Mississauga, Ontario,
Canada Appraisal Coordinator
McLean, George 1955-1959 Georgetown Toronto,
Canada Real Estate Salesperson
Merriman, Corrine 1953-1955 Georgetown Windsor, Ontario,
Canada Realtor
Morgan, Arlington 1953-1957 Georgetown Bowie,
United States Computer Programmer / Analyst
Neil, Aubrey 1956-1960 Agricola Whitby, Ontario,
Canada Computer Systems Consultant
Parker, Elric 1950-1954 Anna Catherina Lauderdale Lakes, Florida,
Guyana Civil Engineer (Retired)
Parris, Malcolm 1952-1955 Georgetown Tucville,
Guyana Consultant
Phill, Gladstone 1952-1956 Lodge Uniondale, New York,
United States Accountant
Rasul, Billy "Raymond" 1957-1962 LaPenitence Mississauga
Canada Retired
Rawlins, Esther Waveney 1951-1954 Georgetown Georgetown,
Guyana Retired QC Deputy Headmistress
Sandy (Lester), Iva 1957-1961 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York,
United States Teaching
Semple, Lambert 1959-1963 Litchfield Village Forestville, Maryland,
United States
--- Manager
Serrao, Desmond 1959-1965 Campbellville El Paso, Texas,
United States Trauma ICU Nurse
Smartt, Esme 1959-1963 Kitty Jamaica, New York,
United States Production Technology
Smartt, William 1957-1962 Albouystown Canton, Missouri,
United States Design Engineer
Smith, Winston 1955-1959 Georgetown Queens, New York,
United States City Plannner
Telford (Squires), Carole Joan 1956-1960 Kitty Brooklyn, New York,
United States Accts. Receivable Manager
Telford, George 1956-1960 Kitty Plaisance Village,
--- Accountant
Telford (Gragston), Paula 1959-1963 Kitty Brooklyn, New York,
United States
--- Dietitian
Tross, Samuel 1952-1956 Campbellville Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown,
Guyana Accountant
Vanvield, Donald "Ducks" 1959-1962 Lazytown Washington DC,
United States
--- Account
Wade, Ryeburn 1957-1961 Lodge Arverne, New York,
United States Det./Sgt. MTA Police
Walker (Downer), Maria 1957-1960 Georgetown London ,
United Kingdom Health Visitor
Watts, Keith 1959-1963 Plaisance Silver Spring, Maryland,
United States Technical Engineer
Wilburg, Aubrey 1958-1962 Newtown, Kitty Fayetteville, Georgia,
United States
--- Sales Manager
Williams, Deryck "Elmo" 1956-1959 Queenstown So. Ozone Pk, New York,
United States Payroll Manager
Wiliams, Neil 1957-1961 Georgetown Essex, England Accountant
Williams (Saunders), Yvonne 1951-1956 Kitty Longwood, Florida,
United States Nursing, RN.ONC
Yaw (Dey), Pearl 1958-1962 Georgetown Brooklyn, New York,
United States Registered Nurse

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