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Directory of alumni who entered THS in the 1970s.

      Items listed in red denote additions this month.

(married name in brackets)
Abrams, Kenneth 1976-1983 Lodge Lodge, Georgetown,
Guyana Financial Analyst
Armstrong (Canterbury), Sandra 1970-1972 West Ruimveldt Powder Springs, Georgia,
United States School Teacher
Bacchus, Jerry 1979-1984 Alexander Village Charlotte, North Carolina,
United States Com Technician
Barton, Colin 1972-1974 Georgetown Tallahassee, Florida,
United States Education
Blackman, Charmaine 1978-1985 Georgetown Agricola, Gr. Georgetown,
Guyana Musician
Bobb (Green), Joy-Ann 1971-1977 Georgetown Ontario,
Canada Asst. Stock Trader
Corbin, Simeon Lloyd 1976-1982 Lodge Boston, Massachusetts,
United States
Simeon Corbin State Auditor
Cunningham, Carmen
1972-1975 Wortmanville Camp Springs, Maryland,
United States Executive Legal Assistant
Deuwarder, William "Willman" 1976-1981 Georgetown Seattle, Washington,
United States Admin / Tech Support
Duff (King), Enid 1970-1975 Campbellville Brooklyn, New York,
United States Nurse
Duke (Williams), Paulette 1970-1975 Lodge Bowie, Maryland,
United States Dietitian
Dutchin, Dawn 1976-1982 Kitty Kitty, Georgetown
Guyana Customer Service Rep
Gibson, June 1976-1982 Georgetown Georgetown,
Guyana Administrative Assistant Secondary School Reform Project
Johnson, Desmond 1970-1975 Georgetown Queens, New York,
United States Computer Lease / Remarketing Coordinator
Langevine, Sammy 1970-1971 Newtown Kitty Atlanta, Georgia,
United States Construction Manager
Lewis, Walter 1973-1977 Lodge Brooklyn, New York,
United States Nursing
Mahadeo (Nauth), Amrita 1975-1979 Georgetown Jamaica, New York
United States Accountant
Matheson, Denise 1975-1979 Meadowbrook Richmond, Virginia,
United States Personal Banker
Stuart, Empson M. 1978-1984 Georgetown New Jersey,
United States Nurse
Teixeira, Anthony 1979-1984 Kitty England : MD

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